Department B: Horse Show

Meghan Manor, Chairperson

Acceptance of the following rules is a condition of entry. If a horse is not owned by the exhibitor, the exhibitor must supply a written agreement with pre-registration papers signed and dated by exhibitor and owner. Dates must run through Saturday, August 12, 2017.

2017 Horse Lease Form

Please completely fill out this PDF (fillabe PDF), then the PDF off for signatures. After the form is filled in and signed, you can email it to [email protected] once their online registration is complete, if you are leasing a horse.

***Project horse must be housed at the BCYF, Saturday, August 5th through Friday, August 11th, 2017***

  1. Horse must be designated as the project as of March 15, 2017.
  2. All horses must have a negative Coggins Test, within one year, presented at check-in.
  3. 4-H and USEF rules apply unless otherwise stated. 4-H rules take precedence.
  4. All exhibitors are required to wear an ASTM and SEI approved head gear, with harness secured, when mounted.
  5. Closed-toe shoes must be worn when handling a horse.
  6. Exhibitors riding western style should wear proper western attire (jeans, belt, long-sleeve shirt, boots, and hat). Exhibitors riding English style should wear proper English attire (britches, collared shirt, jacket, boots, and hat). Exhibitors showing in the gaited division should wear appropriate attire for their style.
  7. Unless otherwise stated, classes will be judged on performance, manners, way of going, and suitability, with emphasis on manners. Equitation will be judged on seating, hands, control, and effective use of aids by the rider.
  8. The use of riding aids will follow 4-H and AQHA guidelines. Riding crops used in front of the saddle and humane, discipline-appropriate spurs used behind the cinch are acceptable. Dressage-style whips are not acceptable. Lounge whips are only allowed when working in the round pen.
  9. After 3 refusals of any obstacle, the exhibitor must move on to the next obstacle.
  10. Riders can only ride in the arena and must dismount before exiting. In the Contest Division, no running of the gate/chute will be allowed.
  11. No stallions, except for nursing colts under six months of age, allowed.
  12. No halters are to be left on the horse while in the stall or round pen, but halters and lead ropes should be easily accessible on the outside of the stall. No stall guards are allowed unless the exhibitor is present at the stall door.
  13. Show committee reserves the right to combine and/or cancel classes.
  14. All exhibitors are required to enter a Showmanship class with the animal that is housed at the fair to complete their project.
  15. Horses are required to stay in the designated barn/arena area at all times and may only be ridden in the arena, equipped with saddle and bridle.
  16. No one is to ride the horse on the fairgrounds except the designated exhibitor.
  17. All animals must be in stalls by 5:00pm each day. The horse barn closes at 11:00pm.
  18. Judge’s decisions are final.
  19. The Berkeley County Youth Fair, 4-H, FFA, or any of its volunteers will not be responsible for any accidents, injury, or loss of any exhibitor, person, horse, or equipment during the fair week.
  20. Good sportsmanship shall prevail at all times. Unsportsmanlike conduct will result in the forfeiture of premiums and dismissal of the exhibitor from further competition in the show.
  21. Only Berkeley County Youth Fair awards (banners, trophies, ribbons, etc.) may be hung or displayed in the horse barn area.
  22. Only one fan per animal is allowed.
  23. Announcements made prior to the day of the show take precedence over written material.
  24. Fair Board reserves the right to have any exhibitor and their animals removed from the fairgrounds without liability during the fair for cause (including, but not limited to, threatening behavior, intoxication, or unsportsmanlike conduct).


Walk-Trot/Jog Division:  Any exhibitor in their 1st year of riding in the Berkeley County Youth Fair.  Exhibitor may not cross enter into any other divisions.  This division is optional for participation

Junior Division:  Must be 14 years of age or younger as of January 1, 2017

Senior Division:  Must be 15 years of age or older as of January 1, 2017

HORSE SHOW – Wednesday, August 9th, 8:00 am

Showmanship and Class List

  • Class 1.)    Sr. Western—Showmanship
  • Class 2.)    Jr. Western—Showmanship
  • Class 3.)    Sr. Contest—Showmanship
  • Class 4.)    Jr. Contest—Showmanship
  • Class 5.)    Sr. English—Showmanship
  • Class 6.)    Jr. English—Showmanship
  • Class 7.)    Sr. Gaited—Showmanship
  • Class 8.)    Jr. Gaited—Showmanship
  • Class 9.)    Walk-Trot/Jog—Showmanship
  • Class 10.)  Sr. English—Pleasure
  • Class 11.)  Sr. English—Equitation
  • Class 12.)  Jr. English—Pleasure
  • Class 13.)  Jr. English—Equitation
  • Class 14.)  Sr. English—Hunter Hack 2’
  • Class 15.)  Jr. English—Hunter Hack 18”
  • Class 16.)  Walk-Trot/Jog—Pleasure
  • Class 17.)  Walk-Trot/Jog—Equitation
  • Class 18.)  Sr. 2-Gait—Country Pleasure
  • Class 19.)  Sr. 2-Gait—Equitation
  • Class 20.)  Jr. 2-Gait—Country Pleasure
  • Class 21.)  Jr. 2-Gait—Equitation
  • Class 22.)  Sr. Western—Pleasure
  • Class 23.)  Sr. Western—Horsemanship
  • Class 24.)  Jr. Western—Pleasure
  • Class 25.)  Jr. Western—Horsemanship
  • Class 26.)  Sr. Western—Trail
  • Class 27.)  Jr. Western—Trail
  • Class 28.)  Sr. 2-Gait—Trail Pleasure
  • Class 29.)  Jr. 2-Gait—Trail Pleasure
  • Class 30.)  Walk-Trot/Jog—Obstacle

Thursday, August 10th, 8:00 am

  • Class 1.)  Sr. Contest—Poles
  • Class 2.)  Jr. Contest—Poles
  • Class 3.)  Sr. Contest—Cloverleaf Barrels
  • Class 4.)  Jr. Contest—Cloverleaf Barrels
  • Class 5.)  Sr. Contest—50 Yard dash
  • Class 6.)  Jr. Contest—50 Yard Dash