Truck & Tractor Pull

Berkeley County Youth Fair 2023 Truck and Tractor Pull

2023 Truck and Tractor Pull
Troy Nails, Chairperson
(304) 671-8532

Sunday, August 5th, 2023 starting at 5:00 pm

  • 15,500 Farm Stock
  • 12,500 Farm Stock
  • 9,500 Farm Stock
  • 7,500 Farm Stock
  • 5,500 Farm Stock

Monday, August 7th, 2023 starting at 6:00 pm

466 Hot Farm (East Coast)
2WD Truck (East Coast)
Pro Mod 4WD Truck (East Coast)
Pro Stock Diesel 4WD Truck (East Coast)
9,500 License 4X4 Street truck (Local – Non East Coast Class)


  • Trophies will be awarded to 1st thru 4th place winners in Stock Classes. All others, payouts per sanctioning body.
  • Farm Stock Classes and Street 4×4 (MUST be tagged & insured) only open to Berkeley, Jefferson, and Morgan Counties
  • $10 Farm Stock Hook Fee
  • Everyone pays gate admission
  1. Contest open to tractors with rubber tires. No four-wheel drive allowed. No dual tires, studs, or chains permitted. All power must be transmitted through the wheels.
  2. Each tractor may only pull twice.
  3. Any truck can pull in one of the three classes only: Stock, Modified or Street Modified, but no combination of any two classes.
  4. NO shifting of manual transmissions in any of the three truck classes.
  5. Officials may run any combination of classes.
  6. All pulls must start with a tight hitch. NO jerking permitted. Contestants will be allowed 2 attempts and 75 feet to start the sled.
  7. Pulling vehicle/tractor must be stopped IMMEDIATELY upon signal from the judge.
  8. Drivers must remain seated during the pull and have complete control of tractor at all times. A safety secured normal size seat must be used.
  9. Pulling vehicle/tractors must be operated in a safe manner at all times.
  10. Pulling vehicle/tractor must remain within boundaries of contest courses during the pull or will be disqualified.
  11. The pull shall be considered over when forward motion of the load stops. The judge shall hold digging to a minimum.
  12. A dynamometer will not be used. The following rules will be used instead: 7,500 lb. class not to exceed 80 horsepower; 9,500 lb. class not to exceed 100 horsepower.
  13. NO pressurized fuel tanks allowed except LP gas. NO oxygen allowed.
  14. NO weights allowed past rear wheels
  15. All tractors must be equipped with workable brakes.
  16. Violation of ANY rule shall constitute a disqualification.
  17. Contest to be governed by judge or judges with all decisions final. Judges have the right to stop and disqualify any pulling vehicle/tractor if it is not being operated in such a manner as would be considered safe.
  18. No alcoholic beverages or illegal substances (narcotics) are allowed in pit area or on the fairgrounds. Drivers or pit crews caught drinking or engaging with illegal substances (narcotics) disqualifies their vehicle and driver.
  19. Any unruly behavior will result in that person being removed from fairgrounds.
  20. Contestant must pull in position drawn. Any delay will mean disqualification. Number one (1) puller will be test puller and may pull if weight machine is acceptable or he/she may pull in 3rd position.
  21. No portion of the pulling vehicle/tractor shall interfere with the sled or sled hitch during pull.
  22. All weights must be safely secured to the pulling vehicle/tractor. Any ballast lost while hooked to sled will be cause for disqualification.
  23. Maximum drawbar height 20 inches.
  24. 12,500; 15,500; and up classes allowed 24 inches.
  25. All contestants under sixteen (16) years of age MUST have written permission from parents.
  26. Drivers must stay with pulling vehicle/tractor during line-up and during that class.
  27. Front wheels not allowed more than 18” off the ground anytime while hooked to the sled.
  28. Unsportsmanlike conduct will result in disqualification and forfeit of entry money and any winnings.
  29. No pulling vehicle/tractor shall be left running without driver in seat.
  30. No riders on pulling vehicle/tractor at any time.
  31. Violation of any rule will result in disqualification.
  32. ALL EAST COAST PULLERS MUST be signed up 30 minutes before pull starts.
  33. All farm stock tractors must not exceed 3,000 RPM’s.
  34. All pulling vehicles must have hitch in place when crossing scales to get weighed and hitch height checked.



  1. Loss of ballast weight
  2. Excessive loss of liquid (steady or intermittent stream discharge on the track, or a spot equivalent to more than eight (8) inches in diameter)
  3. Illegal fuel: nitro methane, nitrous oxide, or other oxygen carriers or combustor accelerators
  4. Out of bounds
  5. Unsafe operation of competition vehicle
  6. Intoxication of driver or crew member
  7. Illegal equipment
  8. Leaving starting line under red flag
  9. Unsportsmanlike conduct
  10. Front wheels not allowed more than 18” off the ground anytime while hooked to sled.
  11. Exceeding stock tractor RPM limit.

The decision of the Track Judge is final and shall not be appealed, provided however, that with a showing of reasonable and good cause, the Track Judge may, without liability, reverse or revise his/her decision. Calls of judgment are not subject to appeal and shall be final.

Thank you to all the 2023 Truck and Tractor Pull Sponsors and Track Volunteers.

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