Participation Ribbon Sponsor $1 – $699

Participation Ribbon Sponsor $500 – $1,499



Donations can be monetary or “in-kind” donations. If they are “in-kind” donations please make sure a receipt is given to the BCYF treasurer so your contribution can be recorded. Award Sponsors are not included in these contribution levels and are a separate donation.

Contribution $1 – $699:

  • Contributions under $700 will be listed in the fair book on the sponsor page and on the BCYF website as a contributor.

Some important things to consider about your investment!

Our average attendance per day based on 2022 numbers was 5,000 x 7 days or 35,000 people in a week’s time. This is the audience you are putting your business in front of. . . as it is one of, if not the largest community event of the year.

Our Fair week is televised on TV10 daily, with live coverage and tape delayed coverage as well. Our higher level sponsors receive great visibility from their investment throughout the Fair week. Even when folks can’t make it to the fair they are tuning in online daily and many of those who do attend also watch the replays daily.

Our Annual Livestock Auction brings out business owners from the tri-state region for a very important event on Friday of the fair. This is also an opportunity to reach people who may see your banners or hear your name over the loud speaker or through our communication channels like our website or social media.