Mini Tractor Pull

Mini Tractor Pull

Thursday, August 10th, 6:00 pm

Mike Miller, Chairperson

Trophies will be awarded to all first, second and third place winners in each class. All entries must be ready to pull one-half hour prior to starting time. No entry fees required. Those entering must be a member of a youth organization affiliated with the Youth Fair and be between the ages of 9 and 21.


  1. Contests open to mini-tractors with rubber tires. No four-wheel drive allowed. No dual tires, tire studs, or chains permitted. All power must be transmitted through the wheels.
  2. Each tractor may be entered in more than one class, but only once in each class.
  3. Officials may run any combination of classes.
  4. All pulls must start with a tight hitch. No jerking permitted. Contestants will be allowed 2 attempts and 30 feet to start the sled.
  5. Tractors must be stopped immediately upon signal from judge.
  6. Driver must remain seated during the pull and have complete control of tractor at all times. A safety secured normal size seat must be used.
  7. Tractors must be operated in a safe manner at all times.
  8. Tractors and skid must remain within the boundaries of contest course during the pull or will be disqualified.
  9. The pull shall be considered over when forward motion of the load stops. The judge shall hold hole-digging to a minimum.
  10. Minimum drawbar length 6 inches from center of rear wheel to point of hook. Drawbar to be stationary in all directions and should not be above center line of rear axle or 10 inches maximum whichever is least. Drawbar must be parallel to the ground.
  11. No pressurized fuel tanks allowed except LP gas. No O2 allowed.
  12. No weights allowed past rear wheels.
  13. All tractors must be equipped with workable brakes.
  14. Violation of any rule shall constitute a disqualification.
  15. Contest to be governed by judge or judges with all decisions final. Judges have the right to stop and disqualify any tractor if it is not being operated in such a manner as would be considered safe.
  16. Consumption of alcoholic beverages prior to pulling will mean disqualification. No alcoholic beverages allowed on the fairgrounds.
  17. Contestant must pull at position drawn. Any delay will mean a disqualification. Number 1 puller will be test puller and may take pull if weight is correct or he may pull in 3rd position.
  18. No portion of the tractor shall interfere with the sled or sled hitch during a pull.
  19. All weights must be safely secured to the tractor. Any ballast lost while hooked to sled will be cause for disqualification.
  20. No portion of any tractor may exceed 8 feet forward of the center of the rear wheel. No portion of any tractor shall exceed 6 feet in width.
  21. All contestants under sixteen (16) years of age must have written permission from parents or guardians.
  22. Tractors may pull in stock classes or altered stock classes, but cannot pull in both classes.
  23. All tractors except original equipment class must have wheelie bar.
  24. No gear changing allowed.



A. Stock: 650 lbs. and 850 lbs.

  1. Largest tire size cannot exceed 10:55 x 12.
  2. No cut tires allowed.
  3. Body style must be unaltered.
  4. No fuel mixture allowed.
  5. Hitch height must be stocked or not be above center line of rear axle.
  6. Throttle must be stock from factory with foot control allowed.
  7. Governor must work accordingly – 4,000 rpm maximum – checked with fair instrument.
  8. Exhaust system may be stock position or vertical.
  9. Tractor will be disqualified if it raises more than 10 inches off ground during pull.
  10. Body style-belts and drives must be shielded.
  11. Block-allowed, 1 single cylinder or 1 twin cylinder or 1 tri (3) cylinder original equipment. Motorcycle engines not allowed.

B. Stock 1,150 lbs.
Same rules as above, except tire size cannot exceed 26:12 x 12.

  1. 1,150 lbs. tractors may pull with either 10:55 x 12 or 26:12 x 12 tires in this class.

C. Altered Stock Classes

  1. Ages: Drivers must be 10 or older.
  2. Helmets: All pullers in the Altered Stock classes required wearing a DOT approved or SNELL rated helmet with chin straps fastened in all classes.
  3. Sheet Metal and Chassis: This class is open to lawn and garden tractors, stock in appearance with hood and grill required. You may switch to another factory sheet metal if original is not available, but must remain stock appearing. Modifications to chassis allowed. Wheelbase and axle placement must be in original location.
  4. Engines: Up to 2 cylinders for gasoline engines or 3 cylinders for diesel engines. All engines must be OEM produced engines, (Kohler, Briggs, Tecumseh, Onan, Yanmar, etc.) or aftermarket blocks. No motorcycle, snowmobile, or automobile engines allowed.
  5. Engine Modification: Engines must use stock stroke. Any bore, valves, cams, etc. are permitted. Crankshaft and camshaft must remain in original position. No welding or cutting to jugs. 1” spacer allowed between carburetor and engine block. Velocity stacks permitted. Air restriction venturi may not be larger than 1.200” in diameter. Air controlled butterfly, in stock position. The choke may be removed.
  6. Engine RPM’s: All engines must be governed to 5000 RPM’s maximum. Flywheel must be covered by the stock blower housing or better.
  7. Exhaust: Straight pipe or muffler allowed. Straight pipe discharge must be vertical and a minimum of 12” from the engine exhaust port and should be high enough to clear the hood. No rain caps allowed.
  8. Fuel: Pump gasoline, Cam II or diesel fuel only. No alcohol allowed.
  9. Throttle Control: Foot or hand throttle permitted. Dead man’s throttle spring mandatory or foot type throttle controls.
  10. Rear Axle and Transmission: Locked or welded rears permitted. All transmissions/ transaxles must have reverse.
  11. Clutch and Belt Drive Components: Clutch components must be shielded 360 degrees with 1/8” steel or 3/16” aluminum. All belt drive units must be covered by stock or better shields.
  12. Tires: Any 26x12x12 tire to include professional pulling tires. Cutting of tires is allowed. Front tires can be substituted with rib other type tractor tires.
  13. Kill Switch: A kill switch must be incorporated into all competition vehicles. Switch must be capable of immediately shutting down the engine as well as electric fuel pump(s), in case of accidental separation from the sled during the course of competition. On diesel engines, the kill switch must activate the air shutoff. No electrically operated air shutoffs. Diesel system must have a spring loaded air shut-off device activated by cable.
  14. Kill Switch Specifications: Breakaway kill switches must have a minimum 1 1/2 “diameter solid ring (ring no less than 1/8” cross section thickness) attached to them. Spiral type rings must be welded at each end to make ring solid. The cable from the sled must be attached to this ring.
  15. Kill Switch Location:
    • a) Kill switch shall be located at the rear of the vehicle in a position that will allow for easy attachment/ detachment. The switch must be located 14: (+ or = 2”) above hook point and within 6” either direction of center.
    • b) Ring attaching portion of kill switch and mounting bracket(s) must be able to withstand 23 pounds of pull when switch is pulled. All single pin breakaway switches must be able to pivot left or right of center.
    • c) Kill switch ring must be secured with a single nylon tie wrap (1/8”). The tie wrap must be broken for a re-pull. Competitor will be responsible for replacing the kill switch mechanism and securing the tie wrap once kill switch is checked by a Technical Official.
    • d) If vehicle has a kill switch or air shutoff located in a legal position, and during the pull attempt it is pulled and the nylon strap is broken, and the presiding official inspects and finds switch capable of operating properly under normal conditions, the vehicle will be allowed to re-pull immediately or drop six positions. The decision to drop must be made before the vehicle leaves the track. It is the competitor’s responsibility to see that the official checks the switch before his vehicle leaves the track.
  16. Fire Extinguisher: All vehicles qualifying as an Altered Stock tractor must have a fully charged, functional fire extinguisher with a gauge, within easy reach of the driver. Minimum size: 1 1/2 lbs. ABC type dry chemical or 1 lb. halon. Stock classes are encouraged to have an extinguisher, but it is not mandatory.
  17. Hitch height: 13 inches maximum.

D. UTV/Side by Side Pull

  1. Same regulations and safety rules as mini pull.
  2. Contestants must be in a Berkeley County Youth Organization affiliated with the Youth Fair.
  3. Hitches must be securely mounted to frame.
  4. UTV’s will pull together regardless of weight or engine size.
  5. Helmets must be worn as part of standard safety equipment.
  6. Any contestant riding UTV in excessive speed to scales, and on and off track, will be warned once, and then sent home.

E. All Original Equipment: 16 HP and under

  1. Mower decks are required and must be operable.
  2. No weights.
  3. Everything must be stock
  4. Pulling in this class eliminates you from pulling in any other classes.
  5. Same general rules apply as in other classes.

F. All Original Equipment: Over 16.5 HP

  1. Mower decks are required and must be operable.
  2. No weights.
  3. Everything must be stock.
  4. Pulling in the class eliminates you from pulling in any other class.
  5. Same general rules apply as in other classes.


650 LB
First Place, Trophy – Berkeley County Farm Bureau
Second Place, Trophy – Arden Equipment Repair
Third Place, Trophy – Arden Equipment Repair

850 LB
First Place, Trophy – Berkeley County Farm Bureau
Second Place, Trophy – Arden Equipment Repair
Third Place, Trophy – Arden Equipment Repair

1150 LB
First Place, Trophy – Harry & Dorothy Snow
Second Place, Trophy – Harry & Dorothy Snow
Third Place, Trophy – Harry & Dorothy Snow

First Place, Trophy – Berkeley County Farm Bureau
Second Place, Trophy – Arden Equipment Repair
Third Place, Trophy – Arden Equipment Repair

First Place, Trophy – Berkeley County Farm Bureau
Second Place, Trophy – Arden Equipment Repair
Third Place, Trophy – Arden Equipment Repair

First Place, Trophy – Berkeley County Farm Bureau
Second Place, Trophy – Arden Equipment Repair
Third Place, Trophy – Arden Equipment Repair

First Place, Trophy – Jim & Tierney Riner & Collin White
Second Place, Trophy – Arden Equipment Repair
Third Place, Trophy – Arden Equipment Repair

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