Participating Youth Bake Auction

Participating Youth Bake Auction

Tuesday, August 6, 2024 – 5:30 pm
Indoor Arena
Chairperson: Michael Withrow and Tierney Riner


  1. ELIGIBILITY: Must be a participating organization of the Berkeley County Youth Fair Association
  2. ENTRIES: Entries must be registered by Saturday, July 13th, 2024 on the fair website. Confirmations will be sent out on July 22nd, 2024 with your line up number. Use this number to advertise and solicit potential buyers. If you do not receive a confirmation with your assigned number by July 25th  – please contact the chairperson above.
  3. CHECK-IN: Check in on the day of the auction will start at 4:30 pm on the carnival side of the Show Arena.  You will be given a copy of your registration number at that time, to place on your item.
  4. RESALE OF ITEM NOT PERMITTED: Each participating youth organization is permitted to sell their item ONCE in this auction.  Items will not be re-sold during the auction
  5. BAKED ITEMS: Includes cake, pie, bread, rolls, cookies or candy, but MUST BE CONTAINED AS ONE ITEM.  Maximum size of contained item not to exceed 20”L x 20”H x 20”W. Themed baskets are ideal but need to include baked/homemade food.
  6. REJECTED ITEMS: We cannot accept any refrigerated items.  If you bring an item that requires refrigeration you will be turned away.  If your entry is not all contained as one item, it will be turned away. Items must be edible and contain proper labeling.
  7. DISPLAY: All items are to be attractively displayed on or in a non-returnable plate or container.  The item must be covered and able to be seen.  Please keep in mind when planning your item, that members will need to be able to carry it safely around the ring.
  8. INGREDIENT LABEL: An ingredient label must be attached to each bake item along with the name of the organization.  Items must be baked by members and parents of your club, chapter or organization.
  9. PRESENTATION: There must be at least 2 members to present your item.  One member to introduce your club, chapter or organization and give a brief summary of what you are offering for sale, who is present from your club, chapter, or organization, and how you plan to use the proceeds from the sale.  PLEASE BE BRIEF!!! And the others to walk around and present your item.
  10. BUYERS: All proceeds will go the participating youth organization for their service organizations. Buyers will make checks payable to Berkeley County Youth Fair.  Payment is required at the end of the auction.  Checks will be given to participating youth organizations advisors as soon as possible, after all fair accounts are settled.
  11. PROSPECTIVE BUYERS:  Don’t forget to get out and invite your buyers to the auction

Participating Youth Organization Bake Auction Entry Form

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