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All 4-H Exhibitors participating at the Berkeley County Youth Fair are reminded to follow fair rules, register on-line with fair officials as directed, and check the fair web site for fair information and updates.

  1. Please read each 4-H project exhibit requirement as described and explained in the project requirement packet. If exhibits do not meet the requirements as specified in the project requirement packet, points will be deducted.
  2. All Posters 14” x 22” and Tri Fold Display Boards not to exceed 36” x 48”. All exhibits must be exhibitors own work and of the current 4-H year, October 1, 2021 to the date of Fair.
  3. Exhibitor’s name should not be visible on the project exhibit.
  4. “Properly labeled” means to label your project according to the specifications given for that project exhibit.
  5. Self-Determined projects that may require larger space for display must be approved by fair officials.
  6. All indoor exhibit entries must be pre-registered with the Berkeley County Youth Fair via on-line registration by June 15, 2022.


FFALearning to Do

Doing to Learn

Earning to Live

Living to Serve

  1. Each class shall have one entry per member
  2. Each exhibit must be furnished with its own container (8” paper plate)
  3. All exhibitors must be members of the FFA in good standing
  4. All exhibits must be produced from the exhibitors SAE
  5. Exhibits in Division 1 & 2 will consist of useful farm shop projects constructed in the school or home farm shop during the past school year and will be judge on design, materials used and workmanship.
  6. Exhibits in Division 3 must be placed in clear plastic garbage bags
  7. All indoor exhibit entries must be pre-registered with the Berkeley County Youth Fair via on-line registration by June 15, 2022.

Division 1

Class B01HTP01:  Hand Tool Project

Class B01ODP02: Outdoor Project

Class B01PTP03:  Power Tool Project

Class B01OTH04: Other

Division 2
Agricultural Mechanics

Class B02AWP01: Arc Welding – Project

Class B02AWF02: Arc Welding – Weld Bead – Flat

Class B02AWB03: Arc Welding – Weld Joint – Butt

Class B02AWC04: Arc Welding – Weld Joint – Corner

Class B02AWL05: Arc Welding – Weld Joint – Lap

Class B02AWT06: Arc Welding – Weld Joint – T

Class B02ELE07:  Electrical

Class B02LOP08: Large Outdoor Project

Class B02MPJ09: Mig – Project

Class B02MFB10: Mig – Weld Bead – Flat

Class B02OTH11: Other

Class B02OWD12: Other Weld

Class B02OBR13: Oxy-Ace Weld and Braze – Brazing

Class B02OPJ14: Oxy-Ace Weld and Braze – Project

Class B02OWB15: Oxy-Ace Weld and Braze – Weld Bead

Class B02OWJ16: Oxy-Ace Weld and Braze – Weld Joint

Class B02PLU17: Plumbing

Class B02STM18: Sheet Metal

Class B02SEP19: Small Engine Parts Display (at least 10 parts properly ID)

Class B02SOL20: Soldering

Class B02TPJ21: Tig – Project

Class B02TWB22: Tig – Weld Bead – Flat

Division 3
Forage Crops

6-8” thick section tied and placed in clear plastic garbage bags

Class B03AMG01: Hay-Aftermath Grass

Class B03ALF02:  Hay-Alfalfa

Class B03AGM03: Hay-Alfalfa Grass Mixture

Class B03CLO04: Hay Clover

Class B03CLM05: Hay-Clover Mixture

Class B03MIS06: Hay-Miscellaneous

Class B03MIX07: Hay-Mixed

Class B03ORG08: Hay-Orchard Grass

Class B03TIM09: Hay-Timothy

Class B03STR10: Straw

Division 4
Grain and Silage

Class B04BAR01: Barley (1/2 gallon in 1 gallon zip lock bag)

Class B04CSE02: Corn-Best Singe Year Previous Ear (1)

Class B04EFC03: Ear Field Corn-Current Year (5)

Class B04EFC04: Ear Field Corn-Previous Year (5)

Class B04FCS05: Field Corn Stalks (5)

Class B04RYE06: Rye (1/2 gallon in 1 gallon zip lock bag)

Class B04SHC07: Shelled Corn (1/2 gallon in 1 gallon zip lock bag)

Class B04SIL08: Silage – any type (1/2 gallon in 1 gallon zip lock bag)

Class B04SYB09: Soybeans (1/2 gallon in 1 gallon zip lock bag)

Class B04TCS10: Tallest Corn Stalk (Measured from top of ground)

Class B04WHT11: Wheat (1/2 gallon in 1 gallon zip lock bag)

Class B04OAT12: Oats (1/2 gallon in 1 gallon zip lock bag)

Division 5

Class B05APP01:  Apples-any variety (5)

Class B05APP02: Apples-Ripe Summer (5)

Class B05CAN03: Cantaloupe (1)

Class B05MEL04: Melon-other than watermelon (1)

Class B05PEA05: Peaches-any variety (5)

Class B05PEA06: Peaches-Ripe Summer (5)

Class B05WTM07: Watermelon-Oblong

Class B05WTM08: Watermelon-Round

Division 6

Class B06HON01: Chunk, Light or Dark Honey (in pint jar)

Division 7
Educational Exhibit

Class B07CHA01: Chapter Exhibit

Class B07IND02:  Individual Exhibit

Division 8

Class B08BRE01: Brown Eggs (one dozen in carton)

Class B08WHE02: White Eggs (one dozen in carton)

Division 9

Class B09BEA01: Beans-Bush, Green (12)

Class B09BEA02: Beans-Bush, Yellow (12)

Class B09BEA03: Beans-Lima, Shelled (12)

Class B09BEA04: Beans-Other (12)

Class B09BEE05: Beets-Globe Type (5)

Class B09BEE06: Beets-Half Long (5)

Class B09CAB07: Cabbage-Green (1 head)

Class B09CAB08: Cabbage-Red (1 head)

Class B09CAR09: Carrots-tops cut to 2 to 3 inches (6)

Class B09COR10: Corn-Ornamental, Husked (5)

Class B09COR11: Corn-Other Husked (5)

Class B09COR12: Corn-Popcorn, Husked (5)

Class B09COR13: Corn-Sweet, Husked (5)

Class B09CUC14: Cucumbers-Pickling (4)

Class B09CUC15: Cucumbers-Slicing (4)

Class B09EGP16: Egg Plant (2)

Class B09GOU17: Gourds-Any Type (3 same type)

Class B09GOU18: Gourds-Largest (1)

Class B09MUV19: Most Unusual Vegetable (1)

Class B09ONI20: Onions-Red, unpeeled (5)

Class B09ONI21: Onions-White, unpeeled (5)

Class B09ONI22: Onions-Yellow, unpeeled (5)

Class B09PEP23: Peppers-Banana Type, Green (hot or sweet-3 of same type)

Class B09PEP24: Peppers-Banana Type, Red (hot or sweet-3 of same type)

Class B09PEP25: Peppers-Banana Type, Yellow (hot or sweet-3 of same type)

Class B09PEP26: Peppers-Bell Type, Green (hot or sweet-3 of same type)

Class B09PEP27: Peppers-Bell Type, Red (hot or sweet-3 of same type)

Class B09PEP28: Peppers-Bell Type, Yellow (hot or sweet-3 of same type)

Class B09POT29: Potatoes-Largest (1)

Class B09POT30: Potatoes-Other (5)

Class B09POT31: Potatoes-Red (5)

Class B09POT32: Potatoes-Sweet (5)

Class B09POT33: Potatoes-White (5)

Class B09PMK34: Pumpkins-Green Striped (1)

Class B09PMK35: Pumpkins-Largest Circumference (1)

Class B09PMK36: Pumpkins-Mini (3)

Class B09PMK37: Pumpkins-Yellow (1)

Class B09RAD38: Radishes (6)

Class B09SQU39: Squash-Summer, Patty Pan (1)

Class B09SQU40: Squash-Yellow (3)

Class B09SQU41: Squash-Zucchini (3)

Class B09SQU42: Squash-Winter, Acorn (1)

Class B09SQU43: Squash-Winter, Butternut (1)

Class B09SNF44: Sunflower-Head, Bloom Removed (1)

Class B09SNF45: Sunflower-Largest Diameter (1)

Class B09TOM46: Tomatoes-Cherry, red or yellow (12 of same color)

Class B09TOM47: Tomatoes-Grape (12)

Class B09TOM48: Tomatoes-Largest by Circumference (1)

Class B09TOM49: Tomatoes-Plum (5)

Class B09TOM50: Tomatoes-Red (5)

Class B09TOM51: Tomatoes-Roma (5)

Class B09TOM52: Tomatoes-Small Pear/Teardrop (12)

Class B09VEG53: Vegetable Display (5 to 10 kinds)

Class B09BEG54: Vegetable Not Listed (1)

Division 10

Class B10MIS01: Miscellaneous

Girl Scouts

Girl Scouts

  1. All participants must be currently registered with the Girl Scout Council of the Nation’s Capital.
  2. All exhibits must be the exhibitor’s own completed badge work of the current Girl Scout year (October 2021 to Present).
  3. One entry per section. Food items must be covered with plastic wrap and placed on paper plates.
  4. Poster should be no bigger than 14” x 22” and Tri Fold Display Boards not to exceed 36” x 48”.
  5. Individual entries must be labeled with Girl Scout’s name, age, grade, Girl Scout level, troop number and section participating.
  6. Troop exhibit must be labeled with Troop number and Girl Scout level along with a list of the members and the grade and age ranges.
  7. All entries must be pre-registered with the Berkeley County Youth Fair via on-line registration by June 15, 2022.

Boy Scouts

Boy ScoutsOn my honor, I will do my best to do my duty to God and my country and to obey the Scout Law;
To help other people at all times; To keep myself physically strong; Mentally awake and morally straight.

  1. Participants must be actively registered in the Boy Scouts of America.
  2. All entries must have been completed since the last Youth Fair. This is in keeping with the purpose of the Youth Fair, to encourage the youth to look for new horizons; and to gain knowledge and experience.
  3. An exhibitor must not have more than one entry in each class
  4. Each entry must be labeled with the Scout’s name, age, Unit No. and the exhibit classification. (Example – John Doe, Age 10, Pack 2, 11-A-2)
  5. Each entry will be judged on its own merits and not competitively.
  6. Space for and location of all exhibits will be assigned by the official in charge
  7. The Youth Fair Association will not be responsible for loss or damage to exhibits but will take due care of all exhibits
  8. Exhibits must be pre-registered on-line by June 15, 2022.

Boys and Girls Club

P.O. Box 1184, Martinsburg, WV 25402
(304) 263-2696
United Way Partner Agency
Youth Fair Participant since 1971

Mission and Program Philosophy

The mission of the Boys & Girls Club is to enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens.  With the Youth Development Strategy as a foundation, club programs are designed to provide girls and boys ages 6 to 18 with responsible adult guidance, encouragement, and support.  By offering consistent, concerned adults, better able to benefit from and meet the responsibilities of life.

Programs include:  photography, physical and social recreation, computer education, homework help and tutoring, nutritious meals, art programs and much more.  Stop by for a FREE one week pass and join in the fun today!


“Jack Beavers” Award:  Best three print portfolio (1st premium)

“Bill Kibler” Award:  Best Single Color Print

“Fred Jackson” Award:  Best Single Black & White Print

“Nancy Rodig” Award:  Best Abstract Print

“Bob Houck” Award:  Best Portrait Print

“Charlie Hizer” Award:  Judge’s Favorite Print

For information about exhibiting at the Berkeley County Youth Fair or to join a Boys & Girls Club Photography Class, call (304) 263-0586 or (304) 263-2696.



Family, Career and Community Leaders of America

  1. Entries in each class are limited to one exhibit by any one individual.
  2. All exhibitors must be members of FCCLA in good standing.
  3. All exhibitors shall have produced their exhibits and have filed Extended Learning Plans with their home school FCCLA Advisors.
  4. All members who plan to enter the Miss Youth Fair Contest, must exhibit one or more Extended Learning Projects to be eligible for competition.
  5. All indoor exhibits must be pre-registered on line by June 15, 2022.

4-H Style Review

July 23, 2022
Arden United Methodist Church
Family Life Center

9:00-9:15 a.m. – Register at the table in the Family Life Center.

9:30 a.m.-Judging will begin and should be completed before noon.

Practice for Style Revue will be on the Stage in the Family Life Center.

Awards Presentation & Style Show:
Sunday, July 31, 2022 – 7:30 pm
Indoor Arena

7:30 pm:  Presentation of Awards and Modeling of Sewing Outfits on the Indoor Arena Stage


  1. Participants are required to be a 4-H member who is taking a sewing project.
  2. Participants are required to be in the Style Revue Judging event held July 23, 2022, and the Awards and Modeling Program during the Berkeley County Youth Fair, July 31, 2022.
  4. The exhibitor will wear or bring his/her sewing garment to the Fair prepared to model in the 4-H Style Show, SUNDAY, July 31, 2022, at 7:30 p.m. If an exhibitor needs to change into his/her garment, he/she may change in the handicap accessible restrooms located beside the Indoor Arena.
  5. If for some reason an exhibitor is unable to participate in any part of the 4-H Style Show, they must contact the Project Instructor by July 8, 2022. If the Exhibitor fails to contact the Project Instructor and does not participate during the 4-H Style Revue judging on July 23, 2022, or the 4-H Style Revue and Awards on July 31, 2022, they will complete their project at the Club level.


Grand Champion, $25 …………………………………………. Carolyn Bohrer

Reserve Champion, $10 ………………………………………. Carolyn Bohrer

Reserve Champion or Alternate

Gift………………….Sally Davis Memorial Award – Roy Davis & Family

Overall Top Four Winners,$30………………….. Berkeley County CEOs

Fourth Year, First Place

Gift ………………. Mary Whittington Memorial by Swan Pond 4-H Club

Third Year, First Place

Gift ……………………………. Sophronia Butler Award By Arden 4-H Club

Second Year, First Place

Gift ……………. Neva Fuss Memorial Award – The Barn at Mahogany Hill

First Year, First Place

2021 Style Review Award Winners

Velma Johnson Sewing Awards: Decorated Shirt-No Project Entry

Sponsored by the Frankenberry Family – Gingher Sewing Scissors

 Apron-No Project Entry

Gingher Sewing Scissors

Neva Fuss Sewing Award: Maggie Riner

Sponsored by The Barn at Mahogany Hill – Gingher Sewing Scissors

Sophronia Butler Sewing Award: No Project Entry

Sponsored by the Arden 4-H Club – Electric Iron

Mary Whittington Sewing Award: No Project Entry

Sponsored by the Swan Pond 4-H Club – Sewing Book

Sally Davis Memorial Sewing Award: Savannah McDonald

Sponsored by the Roy B. Davis Family – Gingher Pinking Shears

Top Four Sewing Winners: Ada McCoy

Sponsored by the Berkeley Co. CEOS – Savannah McDonald

(formerly Extension Homemakers)Marley Hurlbrink

Aleynah Miller

Cash Award $30 each

Reserve Champion: Marley Hurlbrink

Sponsored by Carolyn Bohrer – $10 Cash Award

Grand Champion: Aleynah Miller

Sponsored by Carolyn Bohrer – $25 Cash Award

Gift ……………… Velma Johnson Award – Bob & Barby Frankenberry

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