BCYF 75th Anniversary!

Celebrate 75 Years

Celebrating 75 Years of Timeless Traditions with Us!

A letter from BCYF President Dawn Pingley:

“2022 will mark a milestone for the Berkeley County Youth Fair as we embark upon our 75th Year Anniversary.   I hope that you will join us July 30th thru August 6th to celebrate and commemorate those 75 years of Timeless Traditions.

For many years, actually dating back as early as 1916, the annual fair was a one-to-three-day event held as the Berkeley County Fair.  There were exhibits (both livestock and “fancywork”).  Then in 1947, the Berkeley County Youth Fair was founded and remains as the annual county fair for Berkeley County.
Over the past 75 years, the fair has grown into a seven day event held the first week of August.  There have been so many through out the years that have contributed to the growth and success of this organization and they have never lost sight of the reason this organization was formed – The Youth.

Exhibitors, I challenge each of you to embrace this week with open arms and live in the moment.  Don’t measure your success by the ribbons or awards you receive, but measure your success by the memories you make.  Take this opportunity to learn, make new friends, reconnect with old friends, help others and above all have fun.
Thank you to all the volunteers, sponsors, and the community for making this week happen.  It takes all of you to give these exhibitors an experience they will remember for years to come.

I welcome you to the 75th Annual Berkeley County Youth Fair and hope you will stop by and see all the amazing youth exhibits, have a funnel cake, watch a livestock show or eating contest, attend a track event, or simply just stroll around and re-connect with some old fair friends or make some new fair friends.  Come be a part of the “Timeless Traditions” that BCYF is celebrating at the 2022 fair!!”

Dawn B. Pingley 
President – Berkeley County Youth Fair Association

Celebrate 75 Years